Employers Looking for Recruitment


Small to mid-sized organizations employ over 50% of Americans. Most don’t have a human resource department staffed with dedicated recruiters, yet all readily and accurately acknowledge that people are their number one asset.

When faced with the time-consuming challenge of filling an important position, managers of most small to mid-sized for-profit and not-for-profit organizations use a combination of internal postings, external postings, and the services of contingency firms – external recruiters that are paid a fee only if the candidate they submit gets hired. The result is endless résumé submissions from unqualified candidates, regulatory paperwork, and sporadic résumés from contingent recruiting firms who haven’t identified the most qualified talent. Most contingent recruiters identify the most available rather than most qualified talent, often from a frequently overused database of individuals in career transition.

Original research, utilizing unique sourcing techniques to find the skills, traits and experience most needed by the client for the role in question. Patty Phillips will identify the needs of the position, research prospects, conduct interviews and present only qualified candidates for the open position.


Clarity takes on search engagements on retainer only, hired to research, entice, interview, verify and present two to four qualified candidates for review by the client firm. We don’t work on dozens of searches at once. We focus our attention on fulfilling your search, a commitment we make to you in return for your firm’s commitment to work exclusively with us. Your search will be conducted by the same individual you met at your initial exploratory meeting – Patty Phillips, an experienced expert in identifying management talent at all levels.

While researching and identifying most qualified talent, Patty is also marketing your firm to potential future employees. Before beginning an engagement, we take the time to understand the value proposition of working with your team because we understand that we are in fact the face of your organization to the talent we are targeting. Patty also knows how to sell the Upstate New York lifestyle to candidates that might not know and love our region – yet.

With a retained search, our clients no longer have to invest their time vetting candidates that network and "informational interview" their way directly in the door; just refer them to Clarity where we will treat them with respect and evaluate the viability of their candidacy alongside that of other candidates. The days of worrying about the time stamp on a résumé, or "how did we become aware of this candidate?" are over, as we are rewarded for finding you the ideal candidate, period.


1. The engagement begins with a face-to-face interview with the hiring manager to fully understand the desired traits, skills, and experience for the role in question. Crystal-clear clarification on all three components is critical for sourcing a terrific match that "sticks." In this meeting, we will also solicit the hiring manager’s opinion on other individuals employed by the firm that should be interviewed to gain a full perspective of the goals that need to be accomplished by the successful candidate for the role in question. Lastly, we ask for internal insight into ideal companies or not-for-profits that we should consider for our target list. When engaging our firm, clients don't have to worry about “off-limits” issues that could restrict us from recruiting from their targeted competitors, as often happens when working with larger recruiting organizations that work for multiple firms in one industry.

2. We pride ourselves on converting position and company descriptions that “describe” into accurate, vibrant marketing documents that “sell,” designed to attract the interest of targeted talent. With a signed contract and your approval of our company and position description document, we begin performing original research to identify talent. We will research our client's industry niche, locally and nationally (if the hiring manager is open to talent from outside of Upstate New York), to identify ideal talent. We rely on our own detailed original research for our client assignments, leveraging the efforts of our dedicated researchers, rather than culling names from a proprietary database of largely unemployed candidates.

3. Once talent is identified, Patty conducts detailed, proof-based face-to-face interviews, screening for candidates that meet the needs of the hiring manager. For those candidates that make it through both the initial phone screen and face-to-face interview, a written report is presented for the hiring manager’s review and consideration for the next step – a face-to-face interview with the organization.

4. Reference checking is an integral part of the assessment process that we perform as well, in sharp contrast to some recruiting firms that conduct reference checks to merely "check the box" that they were done. Contingent recruiters are not necessarily rewarded to "dig" during the reference checking process to test the information gleaned from candidate interviews, as they are in a race to win your fee – transaction volume from “speed to closure” is king. By contrast, we are only incented to find optimal talent for your organization.


An engagement with Clarity is competitively-priced with the fees charged by contingent firms – 25% of the first year’s cash compensation for the role in question. The billing schedule for the search fee is 1/3 due upon approval of the position and company description submitted to you by Clarity, 1/3 due 30 days after contract execution, and the last 1/3 due upon acceptance of an offer by the successful candidate. We commit our resources to your search, and you commit your trust in us to lift the recruiting effort for the search in question off of your shoulders.